Blue Sapphire | The Blue Velvet of Kashmir

Blue Sapphire is the stone of wisdom. It is known to be just as valuable as diamonds and sometimes even more so. Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a sapphire engagement ring which made them popular in modern times.

As a Corundum, Blue Sapphire hails from the same family as Ruby. Sapphires and rubies are often found in the same geographical location, even though they have different geological formations. The geographical origin has a major impact on price.

Kashmiri Sapphire

The sapphire deposits of Kashmir are well-known in the gem industry. They are a shade of vivid blue. The gems embody a mysterious quality that has led gem enthusiasts to describe it as ‘blue velvet”.

Kashmir sapphires were discovered in 1881 in the Zanskar Range of the Himalayan Mountains of Northwest India following a landslide. This rugged terrain revealed a deposit of sapphires that exhibited a remarkable cornflower blue hue. They were significantly different in appearance in comparison to other coloured stones and sapphire varieties. This unusual blue colour led to these sapphires becoming very valuable.

Since the mine’s depletion in 1887, top quality Kashmir sapphires are considered the rarest and most beautiful of all gemstones, especially since the finite number in circulation all come from this limited period of discovery that took place more than a century ago.

Healing Properties

Blue Sapphire assists those who are easily swayed by the opinions of others. It aids an individual in becoming more secure in one’s opinion and knowledge. It is a powerful stone for accessing and healing emotional issues that bleed over from alternate or past lives.

The Blue Sapphire is believed to help one see below surface appearances to the underlying truth and to speak with the voice of your inner father. Astrologically, Blue Sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn.

Blue Sapphire can be used to unearth wisdom in negative situations. It can assist in releasing unwanted patterns that have become entrenched and replace them with more positive attributes. It can bring out the impurities in one’s knowledge and create a sense of order and structure.


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