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The Little Light

In her debut novel THE LITTLE LIGHT, Dipa Sanatani takes the reader on a voyage of awakening and discovery, ideal for lovers of mythology, spirituality, folklore and fairy tales. 

The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu – Celestial Beings from world mythology – bicker and squabble, just like any family. But they’re going to have to put their differences aside to help the Little Light – a wise soul, imbued with insight and curiosity – prepare for its birth on Planet Earth, where it has a great and far-reaching destiny…

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The Merchant of Stories 

The voyage is different for every artist and entrepreneur. What inspires them to leave behind the comforting shore of security for uncertainty and risk? What pushes them to chart uncharted terrains with no reward in sight? Expect the unexpected as Dipa Sanatani takes us on her journey in The Merchant of Stories.

Through a series of musings, letters, poems and notes from her diary, Dipa Sanatani takes readers on a globetrotting adventure that celebrates creative entrepreneurship as a spiritual journey. The book has everything—from the journey of her ancestors to her tales as a traveller; from the struggle of a writer to the rise of an artist; from the ecosystem of an employee to the emergence of an entrepreneur—everything. There is pain, struggle, strength and victory.

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