The Servant Within | A Story of Planet Saturn

I am a servant and thou art the Lord.

Om Jai Jagdish Hare, A Song Dedicated to Lord Vishnu

The people who you serve–be it your students, your parents, your children, your clients or even the public at large–these are not your customers. The real customer that you serve is the One that foots the bill for your life on planet earth. If you’re thinking that that’s your employer–well, I must tell you that the likelihood is that your employer is a Supreme Being or even a human being is quite low.

Most of us work for an imaginary legal entity. Yes, the corporation is an imaginary legal entity which was created a few hundred years ago. Okay, so maybe you work for the government. Maybe you don’t ‘work’ and are a financial dependent. Anyways, the relationship here is that the people you serve pay the legal entity–either through a sale or through tax income. The legal entity then pays you. I take it you probably only get a teeny tiny fraction of the money that you bring in. You probably think that that’s unfair, unjust and inequitable.

Don’t worry. You are in good company. Hatred towards the mercantile class is nothing new. It has its roots in the feudal era and has carried on ever since. Okay, so you think it’s unfair that you only receive a small fraction of what you think you have put it. But let me tell you, this world is a very big place and we are but a tiny fraction of it, anyway.

So don’t complain so much. If you can’t be grateful then you can at least be quiet. No one likes listening to complaints.

We are all here to serve and be served. On some level, you could even say that no matter your stature or position in life, we are all servants.

The Minimum Wage Job

When I was working in a minimum wage job, I served people who spent more in a single transaction than what I made in an hour. I would come home, at the end of the day, extremely tired, with aching feet, wondering how much longer I would have to stick it out in a job that was paying me so little to do so much.

It was grub work, I tell you. No one wants to do it, but someone has to. When you work in that sort of job, you have to face a litany of abuse day in and day out–for hours on end. It can have negative and severe repercussions on your physical and mental health. Somedays, it is pure torture.

But still, we endure it and persevere. Why?

Planet Saturn

In astrology, Saturn represents people who perform menial tasks to earn their daily bread. This can include animals, too. Beasts of burden like oxen and horses. Before cars, they did a lot of heavy lifting and helped humans out with many arduous tasks and did a lot of heavy labour.

I used to think it unfair when people, parents especially, would look down and warn you that this is the sort of job you would end up in if you don’t study hard and apply yourself at school.

For me, the minimum wage job was an initiation into working very hard for the bare minimum. It was not my dream job or destination. But it is exactly jobs like these which will awaken your drive, your resilience and your courage.

So anyways, coming back to Saturn–in astrology, his planetary placement and its aspects represent the Servant within. Saturn is the one who serves. He is the servant who goes on to become a master. He is the one who finds himself temporarily chained and bound to a job he dislikes. He doesn’t do it for any other reason than to pay his bills and to meet his responsibilities.

Saturn, however, doesn’t dream of quitting to pursue his passions. His only dream is to do his job and do it as well as he can. That is not to say he never gets things wrong. He is the hardworking traditionalist and not the creme de la creme of society.

Even when he becomes rich and affluent–which he always eventually does–he will remember the dirt that created the gemstones which had always resided within him.

I want to know–what is wrong with having a hard life? Why do people dream of opulence and luxury when it only makes them weak, ineffective and less resilient?

No matter who you are–always remember that it is the servant and the master that we all must ultimately serve.

The Servant Within?

The Servant–you know this person well. They clean up after you, tolerate your abuse, withhold the truth from you and only ever tell you what you want to hear.

You never really notice, think or remember them till they are no longer there.

The servant, and not the master, is ultimately whom we all serve. If you want to lead, you must serve the servant.

So tell me, who do you serve?


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