Our Story

Am I going to be rich? Am I going to be wealthy? 

These are questions we ask begin asking ourselves in childhood. The tender seeds are planted, through famous nursery rhymes, through the education system and through our parents. We carry these questions on into adulthood, middle age and old age. 

I can answer this question really really easily. 

The one who is wealthy is the one who knows how to manage his or her resources. That person is wealthy. This person always has enough. That person always seems to know when it’s time to tighten the belt and when it’s time to be more generous. 

When I think of someone who is wealthy, it’s usually the person who knows how to make brilliant use of their resources. We can always make a list—as we do—of all the things that we have and all the things that we don’t have. 

But what is more difficult to discern is when you have to look at the world around you and think, “These are areas where we’re currently scarce, and these are areas where we possess a surplus.” How can we utilise what we do have in our possession to create value?

Anytime in your life when you want to start something new—be it a new venture or embark on a new project—the stocktake should be:

  1. Your Resources
  2. How you going to manage and handle them
  3. How you are going to make the most out of those resources in a way that creates wealth and value

A wealthy person is not the one who dreams of vast wealth that he does not have in his possession. A wealthy person is the one who, over time, gains an astute mastery over the material realm.

At a basic level, a wealthy person has the Midas touch. He knows how to grow things in his garden. Season after season, life flourishes in his garden. Why? Because he understands the land. He understands the environment that the land is in. He understands the resources that he has around him. He understands all these aspects and how they need to work together to create.

Let’s say, you have a situation where you want to grow pine trees and you live in a summer country. This is not impossible. 

Through our study and first-hand observation of the world, we humans have figured out a way to grow things that do not naturally grow in our environment by adjusting things, experimenting, playing around and asking ourselves, “What can we do to make this work? What can we do to make things grow?”

The person who can accomplish that, he is a master or a mistress of the physical realm. This is someone who knows they should not put too much fertiliser or water. Everything needs to go in in the right proportion at the right time so that the garden will grow. 

A wealthy person has that energy. He or she knows. 

Anyone who has ever cooked or worked with agricultural products—they perish very quickly. If you don’t use a product, it just dies.

Grapes, for instance, it takes a long time to harvest them. When harvest time comes, you have to figure out how to make use of them as the fruition period won’t last very long. They only ever bear fruit for a small period, a window of opportunity, if you will. It refers to a small opening when they’re mature, ripe and ready to be plucked off the tree of life. 

Over the course of many millennia, we humans have figured out how to make the shelf life of these products last. A simple example: pickled vegetables. Why did we pickle them? We wanted them to last longer. Why did we create refrigerators and microwave ovens? Why did we do all of these things? How can we make things last longer—even if it a perishable product?

We humans have figured out how to extend the lifespan of many things. So when you ask yourself, “Will I be rich? Will I be wealthy?” 

You will be, when you can look around you and see the riches around you. That’s when you need to figure out how to—not so much gain those riches for yourself—but learn to understand and to truly know how to manage the resources that have been entrusted to you to care for.

It’s not about have or have not. It boils down to financial sense. I know how to take care of what I have. Take care of it really well.

That’s what will make us a master or mistress of the physical world. 

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