Ruby | The Gemstone of Courage

The Ruby is a corundum, much like Blue Sapphire. They are highly durable and their colour is vivid and vibrant. High-quality Rubies are some of the most expensive gems. As a highly revered gemstone, the Ruby is as valued or even more greatly valued than Diamonds and Sapphires.

Once upon a time, there existed an ancient legend in Burma that held that inserting a Ruby into one’s flesh would render the wearer invulnerable. Ruby carries, within it, the frequency of an enlightened root chakra. It stimulates the flow of energy from the root chakra into all other chakras and strengthens the ability to manifest one’s desires.

One of the reasons why we feel insecure is because we are unable to meet our survival needs. It is the reason why we stay stuck in dead end jobs, careers that are unfulfilling, and in toxic relationships that don’t bring us much happiness, but are enough to cover the baseline.

We may think that this is our lot in life; and that’s that. Ruby, however, requests that we tap into the sensual pleasures of life in a way that we express our inner beauty and creativity.

Rubies are thought to be excellent companions for those experiencing suffering and depression. The gemstone aids in self-directed enlightenment. Due to its passionate red colour, the Ruby vibrates with an enthusiasm for life. It instills an openhearted willingness within us to take the leap of faith in order for us to move forward.

Ruby is a stone of courageous endeavours. It assuages doubt and assists a person in dealing with the anxiety of big and unalterable decisions by aiding a person in becoming comfortable with the unknown. Ruby, with its associations with the Sun and Solar Energy, is there to remind us that Death is preferable to life if one lives a life that is unlived.

The Ruby, as a stone, can help one to attract novelty and synchronicity. The Ruby, therefore, may sometimes force one into a situation where old fears must be faced before we move onto a new phase. With Ruby by your side, you will learn to enjoy the thrill of such confrontations.

Courage has never been defined by the absence of fear, but rather, moving forward in the face of fear. Ruby is the stone that can inspire you to keep going and going, long after others have given up and thrown in the towel.


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