Morganite | The Engagement Ring Gemstone of Younger Generations

During the past decade, Morganite has grown in popularity. When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, Morganite is now listed as a good alternative to the diamond. The gem, which was discovered in Madagascar, is named after the financier and mineral collector J.P. Morgan.

When it comes to marriage, one of the biggest decisions a couple might have made in the past pertains to the diamond that would have been purchased to pop the big life-changing question. These days, however, the trend is changing. Lots of young couples are not even considering a diamond for their engagement ring. Instead, they are kissing adios to tradition and going for the many other alternatives available out there.

Morganite is a rare form of Beryl that is pink in colour. Medium pink stones with high clarity that are custom cut are considered the most valuable. The pink hue of Morganite is caused by manganese. All beryl gemstones are beryllium aluminum silicates and their various colours are caused by trace elements.

Due to its colouring, Morganite has been compared to and is affiliated with Rose Quartz and the heart chakra. Morganite, in its healing capacity, can bring immediate release of old pains and sorrows. It can create a sense of lightness and make one feel as though a burden has been lifted.

Morganite is known as the Pink Emerald for it is there to remind us of the abundance of the heart and the prosperity of love. Morganite brings a sense of emotional abundance, love, peaceful acceptance and trust in the plan that the Divine has for one’s life.

When an individual wears the gem, Morganite is said to bring a sense of peace, joy and strength that is expressed in the most gentle and loving way. Beyond our personal one-on-one relationships, Morganite can assist a couple in connecting with and expressing Divine Love.


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