Day 2 in Kaohsiung: an unexpected tour guide

I’m a pretty private person. This time last year I didn’t have Facebook. Let alone a blog without a pseudonym. I’m glad I’ve let go of some of my need for privacy. I’ve reconnected with some of you after AGES. And today, after a good eight year hiatus, I reconnected with my friend Krijstelle a continent away from where we first met.  

Oh yes. We were housemates in Melbourne. By some serendipitous stroke of luck – and a bit of help from Facebook and WordPress – we worked out that we would both be in her hometown Kaohsiung at the same time. Boy, was it good to catch up on old times and talk about how we (and everyone else) has changed and grown. 

And as we all know – there’s nothing better than a local showing you her hometown. 

1. Pork Soup Noodles

Our first stop was a really popular shop with the best noodles I’ve had in Taiwan. It’s a good thing Krijstelle brought us there because we never would have figured it out ourselves.

The noodles were cooked to perfection, the broth was simply astounding and the flavours were just sublime. Mmm…mmm… 

2. Pier 2


It used to be a warehouse some 40 years ago, but these days it’s an art district. There are art pieces made from recycled materials, an upside down house, robots with acupuncture meridian points, shops selling one of a kind items, and lots of great places to snap those Instragram shots. 


The sculptures at Pier 2 also change throughout the year. Nice. 


3. Former British Consulate at Takao 

A tea shop selling tea. A tea shop where you can sip on tea. A gallery where you can see old tea sets. If you want, you can even have high tea. The Brits really do love their tea, don’t they?

 If you can’t be bothered with tea, you can always just sit by the ledge and gaze at the view of Kaohsiung. This former British Consulate building is the most antique western building that’s been preserved in Taipei. The entrance fee will cost you TWD 100 (US$3). The view is worth the price. 

4. Ruifeng Night Market

Woah. I never would have found this place on my own. I finally ate two dishes that I’ve been DYING to try: oyster omelette and stinky tofu. 

These dishes came highly recommended before my trip to Taiwan and I just haven’t known where in the world to find a good one. It’s not really the kind of thing I’ve wanted to risk eating at just any old street vendor. 

We also found liquid nitrogen ice cream. You chew it and smoke comes out of your mouth. It doesn’t taste like much, but it was cool.

Check out Ruifeng Night Market if you’re ever in Kaohsiung. I reckon it’s cooler than Liuhe and less frustratingly crowded than Shilin

An awesome surprise to my trip in Taiwan. I’ve still got a couple of days left. But given that tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, I’ll be taking a break from posting. Till next year – Happy New Year, guys. 

Here’s wishing you all the best for 2017. It’ll be a great year. Enjoy. 


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