The Storehouse of the Psyche

The psyche is the storehouse of all the experiences you’ve ever had: both in this current as well as in prior incarnations. This means that all your personal memories and experiences are–for better and for worse–stored within your psyche. This is regardless of whether or not you can remember any of it at will.

The older and more distant the memory, the more submerged this memory will be. This is not necessarily a serious matter as many memories can be pushed out of your conscious working memory into the subconscious mind due to time, distance and even trauma.

The older and more distant the memory, the more difficult it will be to actively recall this memory unless there is a strong and potent trigger to bring it from its depths onto the surface.

Your personal storehouse of memories is the seat of any complexes that you may have developed–both knowingly and unknowingly. A complex points to a place matters are still unresolved. Tension is what exists when one unearths a hidden, buried or submerged complexity within the psyche.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for healing, but only if one is open to the experience. When you make the choice to actively work with the submerged parts of your being, life allows you to begin discovering your True Self: the aspect of you that you most deeply long to know and manifest.

When you embark on a healing journey, you are discovering the desires within yourself that became submerged along with the traumatic memory.

The way out of any unhealthy pattern is to face the submerged memories and impressions that we hold regarding an important issue. Very often, the images and feelings that come up will be highly evocative and specific in order for us to reach an awakening. The dream state is trying to awaken us to our life. It is not a means to escape.

The information we receive through our meditations and our dreams can only be helpful if we choose to act on the guidance that our liminal state is providing us with. We have the power to change, transform and even eradicate anything that is no longer serving us well in our lives.

And perhaps most importantly, we have the opportunity to resolve unresolved issues and finally move on with our lives.

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