Amazonite | The Stone for Long Lost Lovers

Amazonite has a particularly strong relationship with the element of water. Its name derives from the Amazon River: the largest river in the world. In pre-Columbian South and Central America, Amazonite was used primarily in jewellery.

Amazonite can empower the wearer in manifesting his or her dreams and desires by expanding and magnifying the intention. Amazonite is a great stone to keep on standby if you deeply want something or someone to manifest in your life.

For healing purposes, Amazonite is an excellent stone for those who are enmeshed with the opinions and judgments of others. It is a particularly useful ally for those who may spend too much time offering their opinions and judgments to others. It is a stone that is able to help a person to understand and discern the right judgment without being overtly opinionated.

Amazonite can assist in healing the physical body. It can ease excessive stress as well as allow emotional repressions to begin flowing again. Amazonite is a good stone to have on standby when you need to express something important to someone you love. It is not necessarily just a love-at-first-sight stone, but one that makes its power known through time.

This stone is a great communicator when it comes to non-verbal expression. It bypasses the need to find the perfect words. Just one look, one touch, or one smile is all it takes for the other person to know immediately what you are trying to tell them as well as what is being said.

This kind of communication is something that only true lovers can enjoy. It takes a certain level of closeness to be able to know what the other person is thinking. Your Amazonite stone is there to help you and your lover become closer and more in love than ever.


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