The Wisdom of Moths | The Attraction to Light

Attraction can be instantaneous or it can be a gradual process: one that happens over a period of time. You meet someone and it may be a while before the relationship takes off. On the other hand, you might meet someone and you immediately and instantaneous feel a connection you just cannot ignore.

We do not always know why we feel attracted to who and what we feel attracted to. But the moment desire arises, the attraction is palpable and undeniable. We are like the moth to a flame. We have made contact with the object of our desire and it is only a matter of time before we make our move.

Some of the attractions that the moth has are relatively harmless, especially when they’re to lightbulbs. But a fire, on the other hand, can burn you if you get too close. Even when it comes to our attraction to something as beautiful and primal as light, we must be careful; lest we get burnt.

The moth is a lunar creature associated with the night and the attraction it has to the light. When one’s life is in a phase of darkness and we’re not sure where to go or what to do next, that’s when we begin to seek the light. When we’re unsure of what to do, we should seek out a guide–a light–that can help to show us the way and the path forward. We intuitively know that whenever it is truly dark, the appropriate thing to do would be to reach a light source.

As a creature of darkness, the moth is nocturnal and has been attributed with shadow traits. The moth represents hidden knowledge. This could include knowledge that you hide from yourself, the unspoken truths that weigh on your mind and whatever you have hidden from those around you. You chose to hide these truths about yourself so that you could survive an environment that was dark.

When the moth appears in your life, you are being guided to trust. Believe your intuition when you don’t know what to do or where to go next. Even if there is no light to show you the way, there is a path. Moths naturally and intuitively seek the light. They are insistent and persistent on what and who they pursue. The moth’s ability to find a light source symbolises the creature’s search for the object of its desire.

Very often, we pursue a goal not knowing why we have chosen that goal. Moth wisdom is here to remind you that the right goal is the one with which we can intuitively and instinctively align. It is not the one that society has drummed into us for really no reason at all.

The moth is as fragile as it is strong. The insect has a short life span and is often eaten by predators. If moth symbolism is coming through strongly in your life, ask yourself if you’re willing to trust. Even though the moth is associated shadow qualities, the moth is trying to overcome these traits. Therefore the moth is not associated with deception and danger, but rather, overcoming the darkness and returning to the light.

When it comes to money matters, moths are relatively conservative. They do not take risks and are happy to stick to someone or something that can provide stability. When the moth is in its caterpillar phase, it is particularly materialistic. It represents that during a certain period of time, we need to figure out the mechanics of how we are going to provide for ourselves in our development phase.

Once that period is over, the moth is free to seek the light.


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