Zircon | A Naturally Occurring Diamond Substitute

Throughout history, Zircon has been used as a diamond substitute. In addition to Zircon, there are many stones that have been used as substitutes for diamonds. This symbolises that while we may know what the peak is, there is not only one peak, but many peaks and many alternatives that are available to us.

Zircon can help you to focus on your goals and become more organised about how you go about your life. With an estimated age of 4 billion years old, Zircon is said to be as ancient as the earth and older than the Moon. Even though Zircon is a diamond substitute, it is still a valuable gem. While Zircon is sometimes confused for Cubic Zirconia, they are completely different stones for the latter is synthetic.

With a Mohs hardness of 7.5, Zircon is fairly hard, chemically stable and highly resistant to weathering. Similar to diamonds, the Colourless Zircon is known for its brilliance and flashes of multicoloured light which are called fire.

Zircon is a wind element stone that stimulates every chakra of the body. It can bring in high-frequency energy through the crown and ground it through the base chakra right down to the Earthstar chakra. Zircon stimulates the flow of chi through the meridian system and can be helpful in overcoming sluggish or depressed energies.

Zircon can help one feel reconciled to being a spiritual being in a physical body, or become less fearful of being a physical being opening to Spirit. It helps balance these polarities. Zircon is said to help one feel more stable and aligned with both the tangible and spiritual realms.


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