The Kingfisher | A Fisher of Knowledge and Good Fortune

Do we stay as we are or do we take a leap into the unknown with faith: knowing that all our desires will be fulfilled and all our needs will be provided for?

In India, there exist twelve species of kingfisher and they belong to one of three categories: tree, water or river kingfishers. They are classified according to their habitat and hunting behaviour. Water kingfishers are specialist fish-eaters who hover and dive into water. They possess the ability to catch fish with prodigious precision.

The Kingfisher is a bird I’ve always associated with the Indian subcontinent as there’s a famous beer from India that’s been named after the bird. The name of the bird is very telling. It is a King-fisher. It is excellent at catching fish.

Despite its hunting prowess and efficiency, the kingfisher is a shy and aloof bird. Despite this trait, they are featured heavily in human cultures across the world. The plumage of a vast majority of kingfishers is bright; with bright blue and solar orange being the most common colours for which they are well-known.

Although colours do vary between species, most kingfishers have long and sharp beaks. Their excellent vision aids them in spotting their prey from a distance. Their eyes naturally adjust to the light refracting from the water surface. This helps them to gauge the depth of a water body before they dive into it.

The kingfisher is never afraid to dive into water in order to receive what it needs. It serves as a reminder to us humans to dive into places outside of our comfort zone in order to grab the opportunities that will not be there tomorrow.

In bodies of water, change takes place quickly and the kingfisher is able to grab the opportunity that’s present. There is no time for hesitation because such an opportunity may not reappear in your whole life ever again.

When you have a dream of a kingfisher, it is a message that your life has lost its balance. Like the bird, Kingfisher-spirited people are born with an unquenchable wanderlust. It is even believed that anyone who sees this bird may never return home. It stems from an instinctive nature to see new things and visit new places.

To travel into the unfathomable depths is the most rewarding experience in a kingfisher’s life. The Kingfisher is encouraging us to embark on a new and never before ventured path. Ultimately, it boils down to keeping an open mind so that new things will come to us. To travel into the depths is not easy. It is scary to many, if not most.

The Kingfisher is both a fisher of knowledge and good fortune. He is the Kingfisher: a king of the seas.


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