The Freebie That Costs A Small Fortune

In life, there are many recurring expenses. These ‘expenses’, if you will, repeat themselves over and over and over again. This expense could be quite mundane: our phone bill, our subscriptions, our web hosting, our lunch money and so on.

Ideally, we’ve made our decision using a spreadsheet and a cost-benefit analysis.

Is it the best possible deal out there? It may be. But for how long and until when?

With these recurring expenses, prices can and do change. Sometimes, we are given certain sweeteners to sign on or to make full or early payment.

And after the honeymoon period is over, we realise there has been a price hike or that this thing we thought was ‘free’ now needs to be paid for.

Nothing is ever free.

Eventually, we will always be asked to pay for something that is of value–especially if it’s something that is being provided to you by someone else.

In the event that the ‘exchange’ is not mutually beneficial, it will undergo a period of readjustment. Readjustment is not a bad thing. It merely reflects the fact that market conditions are always changing and are susceptible to trends.

Something that is free today may well cost something tomorrow. That is also a fact.

If you enjoyed the freebie, that is all well and good. But believe me when I tell you this, one day that freebie will cost a small fortune.

Fu, Lu, Shou: The Chinese Wealth Gods of Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity

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