The Tortoise and The Startup | Building a Business Legacy

Greetings, fellow inhabitants of the business community. I am a tortoise. Perhaps you may think me slow and slightly stupid. I encourage you to perceive me differently. I may not be as fast as the hare, but I assure you that I can outlast him. I am slow, steady and determined as I work my way towards the goal. Given my speed, my goal indeed seems far away; but I assure you that I am capable of finishing the race first.

I rarely succumb to distractions. My pace doesn’t allow for it. You see, the Creator creates each creature its own lore. Are you wondering what lore is? Well, you’ll have to read The Little Light to find out.

Oh, how sweet the destination looks on the horizon. I savour the journey as each deliberate footstep leads me closer to my goal.

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I own no real estate. I carry little with me except the home that is on my back. In the event that any predators foolishly attempt to attack me; I simply hide in my shell till they give up. I am sturdy and built to last. Time, is my best friend. Time reveals all. Time, my darling, is on my side. I can live for centuries. Can you think of any other creature that can do that?

Oh, I have lost track of the number of people who have underestimated my staying power. Do not be deceived by my humble appearance. I am capable of a lot more than you presently perceive. I have no patience for fads or detours. The fleeting things of this world hold little appeal to me.

I am content with a meal of cabbage and fruits. Unlike other animals, I am indeed quite choosy about what I choose to consume. Do not think for a second that I will beg or fight for food like the other animals. I will make wise use of my resources and only consume what I need and no more. I am no glutton, after all! Greed is an ugly emotion. There is no need to take more than what one needs.

Oh, how I love strawberries in spring. I even enjoy munching on flowers. They’re such beautiful beings. There is so much to enjoy on this slow journey to my destination. Oh, how much you miss out on when you live life in the fast lane! The beauty is in the little things, not in the grandeur of the chase. Not that I can chase anything, for I slow by nature and not capable of flight.

I humbly walk towards my goal. I take it one footstep at a time and stay on course till the very end.

About the Author

Dipa Sanatani is the Publisher at Mith Books and the author of The Little Light and The Merchant of Stories. In The Merchant of Stories, Dipa takes the reader on a personal journey–narrated through a series of candid journal entries–on what it takes for entrepreneurs and creatives to start their very first venture.


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