Day 2 in Dublin: the Leprechaun Museum, the Natural History Museum, Riverdance and Irish food

Dublin feels like an old friend I haven’t met in a while. I’ve changed, but my old friend is same old same old. Days in Dublin start late and finish late. I don’t mind the starting late part, but I don’t care much for the finishing late part. I’m not big on the pubbing culture. Dublin feels like a mix between Leicester and Melbourne. It’s a little sleepy and slow like Leicester, but the food and pub culture is very reminiscent of Melbourne – where I lived for five years. 

At times, it feels like a university town. There are loads of American tourists (or exchange students?) and a lot of people from Spanish speaking countries. I haven’t heard so much Spanish in YEARS. Anyways, here’s how day 2 went…

The National Leprechaun Museum 

Our day started at the the National Leprechaun Museum. I REALLY really really wanted to go inside. Once I walked in, I realised it’s not really a museum per se, but a series of rooms where a storyteller guides you through the myths and legends about leprechauns, faeries and the Sidhe. I also learnt that American culture is full of misconceptions about leprechauns. Why am I not surprised? 

If you’re travelling with kids, or you’re a child at heart – you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. If not, give it a pass. I enjoyed taking pictures with the giant furniture and artwork. Admission is 14 euros for adults. 

The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History 

The National Museum of Ireland – Natural History seems to be another favourite with kids… Hmm… Seems to be a running theme on day 2, doesn’t it? This is a must for those of you interested in evolution or just enjoy looking at animals (and wondering if they’re edible). Sorry – I was a bit hungry by the time we got to this museum. Admission is free. 


Riverdance was hands down, the highlight of my day. The only thing that ruined it were the annoying morons sitting the row in front of us who kept moving around and chatting throughout the show. Listen guys – it’s a theatre, not a cafe. Sit still, shut up and do the right thing. 

Held at the Gaiety Theatre, the first half of Riverdance felt like a proper sit down performance, and the second half felt more like a live show with audience interaction. The dancing, the music, the vibe… It was just wonderful. Rich, soulful and beautiful – I enjoyed every moment.

 Irish Food

We went to Quays Irish Restaurant in the Temple Bar area of Dublin for lunch. It’s a pretty popular place with a ton of reviews on Google. The bar area is separate to the restaurant area – Thank God. We shared the slow-cooked Beef and Guinness Stew and the Quays’ Salad. I approve. 

Yummy, yummy, yummy – I’ve got love in my tummy… 

For dinner, we went to Dakota – a large warehouse style bar with loads of cocktails and average-ish food. Compared to the other places we’ve been to, this was more ‘modern’. The music was too loud (as were the people). This place did my head in. I’m sure many people out there will love this place. Unfortunately – I couldn’t stand it. The food was good when I was eating it, but it didn’t quite sit well in my stomach… But then again – I should know better than to eat deep-fried food.

This blog post has been a bit of a rant. I have another full day ahead of me today. 

Till next time. 


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