Jiyugaoka: Street Kebab and Chic Cafe Heaven?

Jiyugaoka reminds me very much of Melbourne – with its quaint and cute cafes, small streets and random restaurants. I’m lucky that I get to go there quite often for work. One fine day, on the boring train ride there, I had a huge wouldn’t-go-away craving for a kebab. It happens. I’m sure some of you folks out there know what I’m talking about. There are few things quite as satisfying as well-marinated juicy tender meat all wrapped up in bread with some vegetables.

Umm… mmm… mmm…

Jiyugaoka Kebab

A quick Google Search later, I found Jiyugaoka Kebab. It’s an eatery right by the train tracks that’s easy to miss if you don’t know about it. The menu is simple and succinct – kebabs, rolls and kebab don (when in Japan…). There are also a couple of vegetarian options.

After buying my kebab, I took a seat on one of the few chairs and stools that are around the eatery. I used to be an expert at eating kebabs, but I’m losing my touch… I made a mess – dropping ingredients, getting sauce all over my face and catching meat as it tried to escape from my pita. I was a bit confused by all the cabbage that was in the pita – but overall it was good and satisfied that  wouldn’t-go-away craving. The noisy train would go by now and then forcing me to stop my conversation whilst the Tokyu line did what it did.

I loved loved loved the experience. Jiyugaoka Kebab is an unpretentious gem of a place in the otherwise savvy, fashion-conscious (and overpriced) Jiyugaoka.

 I approve. 

Latte Graphic 

After the early kebab dinner, I headed to Latte Graphic – an Australian-ish café that’s around a two minute walk away. The moment I walked in, I felt like I was right back in Melbourne. The crowd largely consisted of housewives, hipsters and foreigners – three very distinct (but similar?) groups. I never get a chance to relax in a café anymore and was grateful for the experience of just taking off my shoes and kicking back on one of their extremely comfortable couches. 

I wasn’t in the mood for a coffee – so I cynically ordered their chai, which was surprisingly delicious.


My mother wouldn’t have approved, but my palate is hipster-friendly so the chai tea hit all the right spots for me. YUMMY. I also had the yoghurt parfait which is a frozen yoghurt cake looking thingy with grapefruit and strawberry sauce. It was incredibly refreshing in this humid and hot weather. I like.


Till next time, Jiyugaoka. Till next time.


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      1. Go for it. We only live once. And if you believe in reincarnation line I do, it’s still true, because you’ll only be the you that you are now this once. Unless we believe in parallel universes. But that applies the same rules. So yeah, go for it and practice. 😂

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