Kamakura’s Owl Forest

I LOVED my visit to Akihabara’s Owl Cafe in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the armies of squealing high-pitched voices going KAWAII over and over again. Ahhh… my ears hurt so bad after that experience. Don’t you wish some people came with a mute button?


So on an early Monday morning, I finally made it to Kamakura’s Owl Forest. The ‘forest’ is only a two minute walk away from Kamakura Station. Located on the extremely crowded (and overrated) Komachi Dori, it costs 600 yen to get in and there’s no time limit so you can hangout for as long as you like. 

Unlike Akihabara – this one is not a cafe – so no sipping on a drink while you stare at the owls. It’s a ‘forest’ – so the owls (and people) have heaps more space to move around. THANK GOD. 

And there’s the super duper soft and extremely cute barn owl that’s only 7 months old. Bless! 

It was a relatively quiet Monday morning so I didn’t have to fight with a gazillion people to take photos, touch the owls or take time to contemplate their splendour. Whoohoo!

That’s the Indian Eagle Owl. Tall, resolute and proud – with its piercing eyes and straight back. Love it. 

And just like the owls at the Akihabara – these owls were super disobedient. They refused to do as they asked and would just stare into your eyes every time to called them cute or tried to pat them when they didn’t want to.

Solitary. Nocturnal. Independent. It’s why I love this bird so much. 

And here’s the Siberian Eagle Owl. I’m beginning to think that Eagle Owls are my favourite… Hmm… 

I can’t remember what this one is called, but it was really tiny – around the size of my palm – and would kick up a ruckus every time we tried to touch him. Ah well – don’t blame the little fella – it is not in an owl’s nature to be anyone’s cuddly pet – let alone have a whole bunch of random strangers come up and pat your head just because…

We humans are a strange species.


Also, I held a bird for the first time. I was a little scared at first – heaven knows why considering the size disparity. 

But I got used to it really quickly. Kinda felt like meeting an old friend…

Guess I’ll have to try falconry next.

Till next time – have a hoot. 

Apologies as always for the terrible puns. 


2 thoughts on “Kamakura’s Owl Forest

    1. Yea you’re totally right! My photos from the Akihabara cafe were grainy and terrible…!

      The Kamakura Owl Forest was an awesome experience. Thanks for suggesting it 😀

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