Topaz | The Colourless Stone That Turned Blue

Topaz is a fairly common and inexpensive stone. It is also hard and durable. Despite how common topaz and other semi-precious stones are, few folks outside the gem trade know and understand the long and arduous journey of a gemstone from beneath the earth’s surface to the counter of a store.

Regardless of whether the gem is sold at a jeweller’s store or on the internet, the journey always involves a considerable amount of time and effort. Tons of earth must be scouted and long hours of labor are required to bring a gem from mine to market.

Colourless Topaz is sometimes treated with radiation to create various shades of blue. While blue topaz is readily available on the market, many of them have been artificially enhanced from colourless topaz.

Blue Topaz, in particular, reflects the energy of the mind and of knowledge. Due to its blue colour, which is associated with the throat chakra, blue topaz is useful for a sore throat, speech problems, a hyperactive thyroid as well as headaches caused by the poor communication skills of others.

Topaz, especially the colourless variety, helps those who have difficulty telling the truth due to repeated exposure to a toxic environment. After a period of wounding, blue topaz can help the wounded to regain lost confidence.

However, blue topaz cannot help those who never had the confidence in the first place. Topaz, regardless of its variety, is also an ally for those who need to express their personal truth and to be able to discern when others are lying.


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