Peridot | Heal the Suffering Earth

The olive to lime green colour of Peridot is caused by iron. The intensity and tint of the green colour depends on the iron content that is present in the stone. The lighter the gem the lower the iron concentration. Peridot has been prized since the early days of civilisation due to the protective power it possess to drive away fears and nightmares.

Ever since the days of the ancient Greeks, Peridot was seen as a symbol of the sun and was believed to bestow the energy of royalty upon the one who wore it. When translated into the modern context, Peridot is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance. It can aid a person in attracting and manifesting their inner King on Earth. Due to its association with the Sun, Peridot is one of the birthstones for the month of August.

For those who feel plagued and pestered by past life karmic bonds, Peridot can guide a person into reestablishing a sense of self-worth that has once been shattered. It can permanently uproot feelings of guilt and regret and allow a person to move forward on one’s true path.

Peridot can support you in taking responsibility for the suffering you have caused another person. Through this process, it reveals the karma where self-worth issues have blocked a person from receiving in the past.

Peridot can help you to easily increase your efforts. It can help you to increase your wealth as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing. The stone has been used to alleviate the heaviness of heart and all manner of heart-related imbalances. Peridot is an excellent stone to use in recovery from tobacco or inhalant addiction.


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