The Guardian Goose | The Bravest Voice of All

There are two types of geese out there. The wild and the domestic. The main difference between the two is that the wild goose is a migratory species and the domestic goose is a territorial species.

The goose, like the dog, is a guardian animal. The very first known example of the use of geese for protection dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. Geese were sacred to the Goddess Juno: the patron deity of marriage, home, and family. Juno was also a champion of women and the protector of the Roman state.

As the matron goddess of the Roman pantheon, Juno personally oversaw matters that related to the health and growth of Rome and the Roman people. As the patron goddess of the female menstrual cycle, Juno governed over transformations that were cyclical in nature.

In real life, the use of a goose as a guardian doesn’t come without its caveats. The goose, as a fearless attacker, sometimes takes on more than it can handle. While a goose can effectively scare away any predator, it is all highly contingent upon whether the opponent will fight back. The best way to avoid unexpected attacks is to exercise caution when using your goose as a guardian.

Geese are a natural alarm system. They are the first line of defence. The noise they made and the ruckus they create is meant to scare away predators. Any goose can be a protective guardian due to their excellent daytime eyesight, alarming voice and intimidating behaviour. Protection is a natural instinct for geese and they are perfectly capable of protecting other forms of poultry as well.

The goose is a brave and courageous animal. They never hesitate to quarrel with a superior creature. Even if the end result is not in their favour, they will still try their hardest. While the cacophonous noises that geese make may be annoying to some, these loud noises are how geese express their emotions.

The goose is more than capable of scaring away a predator larger than itself. They’re even able to scare away humans. Even though the goose is a prey animal, they are naturally aggressive and fearless. They’re also bigger than other domesticated poultry. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the goose is still food for many predators.

The goose is diligent about its duties and is able to reach its goals tenaciously. It adores its friends and family and will do its utmost to protect its flock. Geese are both kind and compassionate and fierce and strong.


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