Venus in Capricorn | The Tried, Tested and True Angel Investor

Why would someone choose to be strict and stern with you? If you’ve ever had a relationship with someone whom you consider to be strict, you might feel the need to breakaway. You might feel the need to let go of all the restrictions and boundaries that they’re seemingly imposing on you. You may choose to go behind their backs and betray them and their trust.

And why would you do that?

What can be said, written and extrapolated about the placement of Venus in Capricorn? From calling them gold-diggers, to calling them ruthless and cold and perhaps even labelling them as uncaring and heartless. Why would anyone say such things about someone else?

The Impulse

When we first see a beautiful person–man or woman doesn’t matter–across a crowded room… What is your reaction? Let’s say you find that person physically attractive. You may have a physical or even emotional response of some sort. What I just described to you is that initial impulse we feel when we meet someone we consider attractive.

Would you strike up a conversation with the person you were admiring across the room? You may, you may not. Let’s say you allow your base instincts to take over you. You pursue that initial impulse and allow yourself to get carried away.

On the other hand, you could intellectualise the experience and wonder if you’re about to do something that you could well live to regret.

Now, let’s turn the equation around. Let’s say you’re the one who is inspiring that initial response in someone, but you feel nothing for the person who is looking at you in that way. Your emotions have not been stirred. You do not feel inspired. Instead, you feel not very much at all.

Is this pessimism or realism?

Perhaps the person who is viewing you with a healthy dose of pessimism and realism does not want to live the rest of their lives with regret.

Not to say that they don’t or have never followed that impulse. But for them–and perhaps for most people–it seems to end badly more often than it doesn’t. Why does this happen to people? Are they destined to be unlucky in love?

The simple fact is: we do sometimes regret the people we let into our lives. It is truly a difficult regret to live with.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is, in many ways, the placement of someone who carefully weighs out where they would like to invest their energy.

Venus is not only the planet of love, but also the planet of war and justice. In this sign, Venus becomes really quite calculative. Instead of choosing to follow that initial impulse, the person with this placement may choose to calculate any potential gains and losses that ensue as a result of following that impulse.

A person with Venus in Capricorn will find that their relationships and partnerships are somehow dominated by their social roles, their career and their responsibilities to the community. Venus in the sign of Capricorn will adhere to tried, tested and timeless traditions. This is not a placement that bodes well for an individual to fall madly in love (lust?) and follow their base desires.

It is, however, an excellent placement for business partnerships, colleagues or a marriage where two individuals want to work together to create something that lasts.

Imagine if you were to ask someone out. They may stand you up, not show up on time, lack follow up and follow through, and even let you down time and time again. This is not pessimism. This is realism.

Many of the other placements will accept this. But not Venus in Capricorn. Somewhere in the ledger of their minds, they will either write you off or downgrade you. They get easily frustrated with shallow and superficial friendships of all sorts. It’s the reason why in their younger years, they go through a lot of rejection. That level of maturity can feel very stifling to someone who is immature. It can feel strict, severe and stifling.

The best relationship for a Venus in Capricorn is with someone who is somewhat traditional. I’m not referring to gender roles here, but more that there is a structure and a stability to the relationship and a clear goal in place. Venus in Capricorn is looking for someone very special to invest in. They are looking to provide. They are willing, competent and able to provide the care, attention, hard work and dedication that every relationship needs in order to ‘succeed’.

Why do I use this word ‘succeed’? Because most relationships fail. And when they fail, they have terrible repercussions and consequences. These repercussions and consequences have the potential to go beyond the relationship itself.

Shared Responsibilities

I used to compartmentalise a lot. I used to see my personal life and my professional life as two separate things. But the moment I started to think seriously about marriage–I realised that these were not two separate things.

Joint financial responsibilities are a very real and stark truth of marriage that not very few people are ready or prepared for. Whether you and your partner decide to start a family business or not is besides the point. From divorces, to alimonies, to settlement, to inheritance–marriage governs and rules over many of the financial decisions that we will make in our lives.

Venus in Capricorn is, in essence, looking for someone who they can invest in–as well as someone who will invest in them. You can call them calculative, cunning and even cold–but as an accountant, I’d say they’re just damn good at math.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

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