Will I Be Successful at Sales? An Inquiry

From oracle bones to tarot cards to ancient runes–mankind has used divination methods and even complex mathematical equations to forecast the unknowable future. The question I come back to time and time again is: are these forecasts predicting, creating or cautioning against the future?

We humans often speak of free will as ultimately deciding our fate. But when given a choice, do we make the same old choices that have led to the same old results?

There are times when querents have approached me seeking advice. Based on the chart, the cards or even my general life expertise–I have cautioned against a particular course of action. More often than not, my advise is ignored–typically leading to adverse results.

Sometimes it’s not that the wrong decision has been made; but that it is the wrong timing for such a decision to be made. Sometimes all I’ve said is, “Wait a while… Try next year.”

The same people who seek me for advise are the same people who end up ignoring it. The moment the advise goes against what they know or perhaps even desire to be true–they disregard it entirely.

They fall into the same trap they’ve fallen into time and time again–not realising that it is a trap. Not realising that by making the same decisions that they are predisposed to making, they create the same old painful scenarios.

When dealing with free will–regardless of whether one chooses divination methods for decision-making or not–we are being asked to choose wisely.

If we make the wrong choice, however, it is not game over. We will get chances in the future. But that also means that the choice we made led us down a detour and it will be sometime before we can get back on track.

The Query

Dear High Priestess,

I have been promoted to a job that I have never done before. It is in sales and while I have ‘the gift of gab’, I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of working in sales. At the same time, I know that my boss has made the right decision to assign me this role. If I do well, I know that the rewards will be great–for one and all.

Could you please light my way?


The King of Cups

The Answer

Dear King of Cups,

Sometimes we are selected for a particular role because we have reached the end of our journey with what we were doing before. Endings and beginnings are two sides of the same coin.

You have reached the pinnacle of whatever you were doing before. There is nothing incomplete or remains unfinished. It is now time for you to embark on a new journey. This role in sales will be the start of a new adventure for you.

You have the ability to reach the pinnacle of any endeavour that you are selected to embark upon. See this as another peak that life is asking you to climb. I do not believe that you are the type of person to run away from challenges.

Accept this role and achieve.

Yours Sincerely,

The High Priestess


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