The Fulfilment of a Dream

Sometimes it takes a serious blast from the past to make you realise how far you’ve come from where you first started. Two nights ago, I unexpectedly found myself in Singapore’s Holland Village. I hadn’t been there in years – not since I was an accounting student. It was a popular date spot and I had many flashbacks of my life in my late teens. 

Who I was back then. Who I was desperately trying to become and wasn’t. All those long hard and lonely nights trying to hold it all together when everything was falling apart. 

I was studying accounting – a subject that I was naturally good at thanks to years of working in the family business. Although I did well at school, there was this unshakable feeling that I was meant to be doing something else. 

And now… Twelve years later, I’m an author with a publishing business. 


Did I do it? Did I actually do it? Pinch me. Seriously, pinch me. 

I connected the dots and saw that there was a method to the madness. A path behind what seemed to be a non-linear path of shooting darts in the dark not knowing if I was ever going to hit my target. 

I find myself using all the practical skills that I learnt during those years to build my dream in this world in a real and concrete way.

I remember that I was once a young girl with a dream. And now that dream has come true. 

In the past year, I’ve been so bogged down with the day-to-day concerns of running a business that the fulfilment I should have felt on achieving a dream eluded me. It was so so so hard. Navigating unknown terrain not knowing if I would actually manifest what my heart desired.

And as I sat there, at an old haunt where I often went on dates – I realise that I did it. I wrote a book. I published it. People love what I’ve written. I’ve connected with readers from all over the world. I’ve made friends with people I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise. 

After twelve years of ups and downs and side roads and main roads…

I did it. 

And I’d do it all over again… And I wouldn’t change a thing. 

But that’s just me.