Enjoy Mongolian Food in a Yurt in Japan

Gala Restaurant is one of the few places in Japan where I can get lamb that I don’t have to cook. Oh, the simple pleasures. For a long time, I’ve nurtured a dream of travelling through Central Asia. I haven’t been able to make it there…yet. But in the meantime, I’ve still got the treasures in my backyard. A Kyrgyz friend of mine told me about this Mongolian restaurant last year and since then, I’ve been hooked.  

I’ve been to other Mongolian restaurants before, but none that actually resemble a yurt. But the biggest selling point is that Gala offers home-cooked food at a restaurant. It’s EXACTLY my kind of thing. The portions are generous. The course sets are reasonably priced and give you the opportunity to sample a whole heap of different things. There’s also nomihodai all-you-can-drink. Whoohoo.

The 10 course set includes the lamb (yay!) and the all-you-can-drink (whoohoo!) that I was going on about. It costs 4200 yen (US$36) per person. 

I’ve only been to Gala a handful of times, but the restaurant is usually half-empty – much to my surprise. Mottainai ne. What a waste. I don’t know whether it’s because people around here aren’t adventurous when it comes to food, or if people just don’t know about this restaurant.

Ah well – who knows. 

We finished our night with suutei tsai Mongolian milk tea. The recipe varies – but it’s essentially salty milk tea which sometimes includes butter or fat. Woah… That’s unique. I reckon it’s an acquired taste that takes a little getting used to: much like natto, vegemite or blue cheese. 

I love this restaurant. I really do. You even get to end – or begin – your night wearing traditional Mongolian clothing. Hey, I’m not known as the lady in red for no reason. 

Visit Gala Restaurant’s website for more information.