The Yin-Yang Transformation | The Endless Cycle of Time

Yin and yang cannot exist without each other. It is the divine union of feminine and masculine; light and dark; assertiveness and receptivity. Yin and yang can never be separate. This everlasting relationship is one that is interpenetrating and interchangeable. It is commonly depicted simply through the yin and yang symbol.

The natural tendency and inclination of yang energy is to do, to dominate and to get its way. The natural tendency and inclination of yin is to allow, to receive and to bring to fruition.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yin is is the restorative energy that allows our body and mind to slow down, rest and relax. Many of the ailments of contemporary life–insomnia, anxiety, infertility and menstrual problems–are the result of yin energy that is either depleted or not circulating well. Whether we are male or female, we are living in an energy of ever-increasing yang.

When yin and yang are not balanced, it can portent for adverse consequences. Imagine if in a relationship, you are the one who holds the sole and perpetual mantle of being the one with all the ‘yang’ responsibility. How long can you feasibly sustain these tasks? Fatigue and resentment are common ailments for those who consistently are pushed or inclined towards yang activities.

When in motion–which they always are–Yin and Yang both are relative. They change through the course of time both individually and collectively. Yang substances lose momentum and transform into yin, while yin substances gain momentum and transform into yang. The states of the universe, nature and human life are not fixed, but are constantly transforming into each other with the movement of yin and yang.

Between states of yin and yang, there is a movement of opposites and mutualisation that occurs over time. If the predisposition is yin, it is constantly moving towards yang; and vice versa. The yin and yang energies naturally change and transform once they are set in motion.

If the predisposition is towards to yang, it will transform into yin when it reaches the end of the cycle, which is the process of yang turning into yin.

In the overall cosmic change–the natural cycle–neither the initial beginning nor the final end can be found. The change of yin and yang has no beginning and no end.

But when it comes to individuals, communities and even nations, there are numerous stages and a history of existence. Everything, when it is given a beginning, evolves towards death and reaches its inevitable end.

This, however, does not equate to the cessation of the overall movement and change of the universe. Therefore, the beginning of new thing becomes inevitable. In the midst of the mutualisation process, the movement of yin and yang and the transfer of energy are constantly in motion.

There is no beginning and there is no end. All exists and ceases to exist in a perpetual state of flow and balance.


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