What Maketh the Entrepreneur?

I believe that there are select souls who incarnate in human form to make their mark. Yes, I believe that certain individuals are called to contribute to certain industries, professions and economies.

In recent decades, after the exponential success of a handful of Silicon’s Valley’s startups, academics have posthumously studied the success stories of enterprises to come up with a blueprint of the pitfalls that budding entrepreneurs need to avoid; as well as a strategy to create ‘success’.

Everything always makes sense in hindsight. If you speak to most entrepreneurs, however, they’ll tell you that at the time; they were simply doing the very best they could with what they had. No entrepreneur can avoid all the pitfalls. No entrepreneur can get it all right all the time. No entrepreneur can study another entrepreneur’s journey and think that their own journey will be the same.

No matter how much we plan things—or not plan anything at all—life’s plans will always take precedence over our own.

The Merchant of Stories by Dipa Sanatani

The main reason why I even started writing was because of the amount of misinformation that is out there regarding what maketh the entrepreneur.

Silicon Valley now bears all the hallmarks of a traditional industry. Although it is the nesting place of the ‘global startup culture‘, there is nearly nothing about it that vaguely resembles starting from scratch. The entrepreneurial scene is swept up in the nostalgia of yesteryear as hoards of people attempt to emulate the success of a handful of startup founders–many of whom have even left this planet.

Studying the past is useful–but it is in no way an indication of future trends. Every business leader is the right person for his or her time and place. Even founders themselves have to pass on the baton to the next generation of leaders–who probably don’t and can’t understand what the founders themselves went through.

I believe the true entrepreneurs are called; or should I say awakened. They are the ones who are gifted with the task of creating new sources of wealth in the world. They are strongly connected to the earth itself. Without this connection, it is not possible to create wealth.

Most entrepreneurs I know don’t get into it for the money. They remain humble and down-to-earth no matter what success comes their way. It is an unfortunate truth that they end up being surrounded by individuals who are only after the fruits of their success.

An entrepreneur is called to be a custodian of the world’s wealth. That is what maketh the entrepreneur.


8 thoughts on “What Maketh the Entrepreneur?

  1. Hey Helios, you sound like a professor! It’s true–I do think that entrepreneurs are called. Most of the people I know who have attracted considerable sums of wealth into their life are detached from the wealth itself.

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  2. “Academics have posthumously studied the success stories of enterprises…” I laughed when I read this line. Entrepreneurs tend to feel stifled among academics. Imagine what they would say if they knew academics were studying their lives to come up with a formula. The irony!

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    1. I’m so glad H. started writing. He has so much knowledge about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship that I’m so happy to see him share what he knows and understands with the world.

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  3. As you very astutely pointed out, people hanker after wealth; but there are so few who can handle it.

    “No entrepreneur can study another entrepreneur’s journey and think that their own journey will be the same.”

    Academics study the journey so that they can recreate it; not so that they can embark on the journey themselves.

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      1. I think self-discipline is what differentiates the entrepreneurs who end up building successful businesses from those who allow themselves to follow the tide of every trend and idea that comes to them. Focus is a fundamental aspect of every business. The jack of all trades must eventually master something.

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