The Crystal Ball of Commerce | Powerful Numerical of Probabilities

Finance gurus gaze into the crystal ball of commerce and make predictions. Over the years, I have noticed patterns within patterns–even within the predictions that people make. A higher efficacy rate causes us to trust the person who is making the prediction. But if the pattern ceases to exist, then no prediction can come true.

When people behave like mechanical things, the science of prediction is possible. If you know the past, then you can predict the future. That is the basis of all mathematical prediction. But to begin with, you need some data that you can work with. But if there is no data, then how do you begin? It is possible to begin with zero data, but it is also possible to begin when there is too much data.

Futures can be predicted, if we expect them to be repeated. But once we no longer expect them to be repeated, our data is worthless, no longer relevant and no longer necessary.

Once the pattern ceases to be, there is infinite potential.

We are able to arrive at a financial breakthrough when we stop relying on past data to create a future. The more people ask you for your CV, your past accomplishments, your old accolades; the more they are limiting you. The more they are wondering who you will be in the future based on your past.

The Numerical Patterns of the Universe

Numbers are everywhere. 1, 2, 3… Actually, it starts at 0.

0, 1, 2, 3…

When humans, or should I say Ancient Indians, invented the number zero, it was because they conceptualised a world where there was nothing. The number zero was created to represent this concept. Then came the concept of negative numbers. In economics, we call this a debt, a deficit and a loss. Think about it. This is hard to tangibly envisage, but the idea of being in debt is a thought pattern and vibration that is the foundation of modern commerce.

If a debt exists, then a surplus must exist, too.

Objects, things, people, animals–these aspects of life have a tangible form. Zero is an energy with no form. Once a solid structure, an edifice or a form is created, we limit ourselves. We cease to be free. We have become committed. This is one of the reasons why so many people avoid commitments. They think that it will limit their freedom in some way.

But, when it comes to partnership decisions, making a commitment actually increases your freedom. You now not only have zero and one. You now have zero, one, two… And from there, you can make 3, 4 and so on.

If we never commit, we live our lives out as driftwood. All we have is: zero and one. When we believe we don’t need a person, it is because a commitment has not been made. Tell me, who in this world is totally self-sufficient? This is a lie, force-fed by mystics. Yes, you can be alone and find self-joy; but you cannot be sufficient.

The act of making a commitment takes courage. If you are waiting for certainty, then back to one, you will go. There is no way to know beforehand. There is no way to predict. But, if you are certain, about yourself; if you are certain of the commitment that you have made, then you can have many possible and potential futures at your finger tips.

That, in a nutshell, is the crystal ball of commerce; and the power, not of prophecy; but of probabilities.


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