A Place Called Here | A Leader Ignites

The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
I have made this place around you.
If you leave it, you may come back again, saying Here.

-David Wagoner

I left this world and this place so many years ago, but it called me back. Back to that place called Here.

Here is where it all happened for me. Not there. Not all the way over there–but Here. The place that I escaped from. The place that I left hoping to never return. But when it was time to depart, I was called back to the place that called me many years ago.

A place I can only call Here.

This is the abode of my childhood dreams and memories. This is the abode of my wildest fantasies. This is the abode where I first saw the light, after emerging from my mother’s womb.

For many years, I groped in the darkness–following the light when it was kind enough to find me. The light always found me. It is a light that emerges from within and says, “This is not the right way… Go this way, or go that way.”

It is a humble voice–a humble voice that propels me forward in a place where there is no path, other than the one that lives in your dreams.

I was summoned. I was called back–by the light that resides within each soul that incarnates in human form. Leadership is about following the light to where it will lead you.

Leaders create a path–not for you to follow, but for you to embark upon.

Am I speaking of faeries or am I merely indulging the whims of my imagination? I can see many well-trodden on paths laid out before me, but the light leads me to new and unexpected places. When I return from my journeys, it is the stuff of dreams.

In this dream, I am alone.

Alone does not mean lonely. It never has.

A wise companion finds me and says, “I will come with you.”

I find my first companion; or should I say, my companion finds me. With time, more arrive–the companions of my companions. We are no longer roaming in the darkness. We try to create a map, but there isn’t one. Not on the journey we are on.

On this journey there is only one thing to do. And that is to follow the light and let it lead you.

It is how all leaders emerge.

From the Light in that place called Here.


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