The Marriage of Mysticism and Money | Wealth Indicators in Astrology

I’ve read what must be hundreds of natal charts by now. A common question asked by clients: will I be wealthy? Well, it all depends on how one defines wealth. Wealth can be many things–a steady source of income, a portfolio of assets, a great family, wonderful friendships–in fact, wealth is all of these things and so much more.

One aspect that has rung true for me from years of reading natal charts is that our chosen profession or career is not necessarily what brings us financial wealth. In some charts, it is a spouse, in others a parent, and in others, even an inheritance. How wealth will enter and exit your life, is actually spelt out in detail in a natal chart.

Are you surprised to hear this?

Perhaps you are and perhaps you are not.

I’m familiar with the Vedic, Western and Chinese systems. Each system has its principles regarding how to create wealth which are largely based upon the underlying values of that culture. Each system offers its own wisdom and its own truth. When I brought it all together, I encountered both similarities as well as diversities. There is much to be learnt and gained from each system.

While the Hand of Destiny does indeed play a role in wealth accumulation, so does individual effort and capacity. It is not all up to the proverbial wheel of fortune. It is not all up to us either. It is a bit of both.

The Marriage of Mysticism and Money is as old as time itself. It is part calculation, part science and part art. The calculations are easy enough to do these days–a plethora of software is available online to do it on your behalf. It is in the interpretation of the data where we fumble and fall–for that is the domain of study, experience and intuition. It is where we need that expert eye to decode the mysteries of the planets and the houses.

So how will wealth come into your life? How will it exit? And lastly, how will it return?

Perhaps it’s not all written in the stars… But if you ask me, there’s no harm in gazing up at the night sky and knowing that the answer lays in the stardust that created us all.


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