The Wildwood Wanderer

I call her the Wanderer. She resides in every single one of us. She knows no fear for she has faith. She needs no possessions to feel safe. She enters the Wildwood with courage and curiosity. She loves life. She begins each day with a sense of adventure. She doesn’t need anyone to take the plunge with her – for this journey is hers and hers alone.

Kyudo: the Wildwood Archer

At over two metres tall – the bow is heavier and more imposing than I thought it would be. It isn’t the first time I’ve held a weapon in my hand, but there’s something about the kyudo experience that scares some primal part me. I’m wearing a three fingered glove on my right hand. The yugake is a glove with a hardened thumb and a pre-made groove that’s designed to pull the string.

Ms. 9 of Pentacles: Commuter Heaven in Tokyo

I’m riding the Green Car. It’s unbelievable that this train is so empty. There’s legroom. Empty seats. Food on sale. A tray table to eat my bento. Would I truly be able to enjoy this if not for the slow and steady ascent I’ve had? I was Mr. 8 of Pentacles not so long ago, packed into commuter hell; sharing my midnight misery with the masses. I didn’t like it – but I accepted that it was part of my journey from the ground up.

Indian Vegetarianism in Japan: The Green Woman

Ayurveda is an old Indian medicine system that stresses the importance of the mind-body connection and eating right for your type. Even as a kid, I understood that we eat for nutrition as much as we do for taste. Unfortunately, most of my mother’s recipes take HOURS (sometimes even days?) to recreate. Tasty vegetarian food isn’t easy to cook. And in Japan, it’s really hard to find all the ingredients I need.