The Playing Cards Museum: a tarot lover’s hidden treasure in Paris

Paris is the city of overrated museums. There are so many that a visitor doesn’t know how to even begin doing them justice. So I’m both surprised and relieved that most people don’t know about The French Playing Cards Museum. After Day 1 in Paris where I overdosed on the usual tourist haunts with the way too many instagramers, I was desperate to get away from the crowds and do something a little more quiet and low key.

Here comes my Sun

The Sun is the 19th card in the major arcana. It’s a card that represents finally seeing the light again after a long dark tunnel. It’s about re-finding that part of yourself that’s untouched and unmarked by pain, loss and suffering. The Sun is the Soul. Unlike the transient nature of our human experience, the soul is eternal, unwavering, constant. 

Adam and Eve: balancing duty and desire

The heart wants what it wants. In cliche interpretations of Genesis, Adam and Eve is a story that narrates mankind’s fall from grace. But I think it’s a story that describes choice. We can do as we are told – or we can follow our desires. But either decision is a conscious choice. Since the days of Genesis – mankind has struggled to bridge the gap between duty and desire. On the surface, duty seems logical – even permissible. But underneath it all – the desire to follow our passion persists.