Mr Ten of Wands: nearly there baby, nearly there

Mr Ten of Wands has come a long long way from where he first started. When he first began, he had only a burning desire. A gift from the element of fire. He knew that there was something he wanted to do. And unlike many others, who are afraid to go after what their heart’s desire, Mr. Wands went forth. He had courage. He had ambition. And above everything, he had a burning desire. 

Dear Knight of Wands

I rebuffed you. I rejected you. You’re not my type, I said. You refused to take no for an answer. So you persisted. You pushed. There was just no stopping you – the man of double fire. The Knight who goes after the object of his desire – like a predator to a prey. You took one step forward and I took one step back. You were enamoured, by the thrill of the case. The only problem is – I’m not the type of woman who likes to be chased. 

The Queen of Wands: a throne of watered-down fire (Part 1)

How many women are encouraged to be the Queen of Wands? When we decide to be independent – marry late (if ever), make our own money, and go after what (and who) we want in a straightforward manner; people of both genders label us as aggressive and call us all kinds of nasty names. Both men and women seem to have a vested interest in forever dousing the fire in our hearts with water.