The Chariot: the transition from childhood to adolescence

Bullying is a huge problem during the teenage years. There are a wide variety of factors that contribute to this issue. But from my experience – a vast majority of boys that get bullied in school tend to have overprotective and over nurturing mothers who refuse to let them grow up. Not only is this smothering debilitating for the child – it is also a huge turn off for any woman who decides to date him.

Head over Heart: a lesson from the Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords sits in her throne in the sky. Her face is devoid of emotion. Her left arm reaches out to welcome dialogue. She’s got a sword in her right hand to cut through the emotional clouds and see things from an impartial perspective so she can solve the problems at hand. A bird flies freely above her head – symbolising the value of objectivity and seeing things from a larger perspective.

Back to School: A Teacher’s Tale in Japan

My looong holidays are the envy of all my friends. And God knows I relished every second of my beloved winter vacation. Hey – I know how to live it up. But truth be told – I missed work. I missed being around my kids. I missed watching them grow, change and mature. As crazy as they drive me at times – I missed their company. They bring so much life to my life.