Tokyo to San Francisco: savouring suburban solitude

Everywhere I turn, people are speaking Spanish – America’s unofficial second language. I’m surprised that I can still understand the language fairly well – considering that I haven’t spoken it in some four years. I learnt a lot of new languages in my twenties – but Spanish is my still my favourite. I hear a whole plethora of other languages, too. Some I recognise. Others I don’t. I breathe in and out. It’s my first time in San Francisco, but I feel at home for the first time in a while. 

Kamakura’s Owl Forest

Unlike the Owl Cafe in Akihabara – Kamakura’s Owl Forest is not a cafe. So no sipping on a drink while you stare at the owls. It’s a ‘forest’ – so the owls (and people) have heaps more space to move around. THANK GOD. The ‘forest’ is only a two minute walk away from Kamakura Station. Located on the extremely crowded (and overrated) Komachi Dori, it costs 600 yen to get in and there’s no time limit so you can hangout for as long as you like.