Day 2 in Hutong, Beijing: Confucius Temple, Imperial Academy, Tibetan Food and Yonghe Lama Temple

I intended to go to the Yougle Lama Temple, but I got seriously lost. No surprises there – my sense of direction is terrible. Imagine Dory from Finding Nemo. Yes. That’s how hopeless I am. I stopped to ask a police officer for help who told me I was walking in the opposite direction. No surprises there either. And whilst making my way back, I found Confucius Temple. Initially, I thought it was going to be just another one of those picturesque places – but man was I mistaken.

Back to School: A Teacher’s Tale in Japan

My looong holidays are the envy of all my friends. And God knows I relished every second of my beloved winter vacation. Hey – I know how to live it up. But truth be told – I missed work. I missed being around my kids. I missed watching them grow, change and mature. As crazy as they drive me at times – I missed their company. They bring so much life to my life.