The Beginning of Mith Books

For sometime now, there’s been a gentle voice inside me that’s been urging me on to go forth on my venture wholeheartedly. I heard it. Believe me, I did. But like many people, I was caught up in a life that didn’t fully fulfil me. It wasn’t good enough to stay or bad enough to leave. And then crisis came down on me. Not once, not twice, but over and over again. It emptied out my life and burnt everything to the ground. 

Mr Ten of Wands: nearly there baby, nearly there

Mr Ten of Wands has come a long long way from where he first started. When he first began, he had only a burning desire. A gift from the element of fire. He knew that there was something he wanted to do. And unlike many others, who are afraid to go after what their heart’s desire, Mr. Wands went forth. He had courage. He had ambition. And above everything, he had a burning desire. 

My First Passover, My First Seder

The table was set up to symbolically recreate the ten plagues and the circumstances that led to the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Big transitions in life are never smooth. The haggadah (telling in Hebrew) that was laid out on the table explained the Exodus story and the included rituals like: the blessings over the four cups of wine, the custom of washing one’s hands, and an explanation for the various traditional items; in particular the bitter herbs and other symbolic foods.