Singapore Holic Laksa: authentic-ish hawker fare in Harajuku

I was honestly astonished at how delicious, delectable and authentic the whole experience was. If it wasn’t for the strange decor and the hefty price tag, I would have felt like I was back in Singapore. And BTW – the super hot is actually super hot… Truth be told, it was a little too hot for my palate. I should have prudently chosen a less spicy soup – but hey. 

The Dysfunctional Senpai Kohai Relationship: when the hierarchy fails

Navigating the complexity of the Senpai Kohai relationship is one of the stepping stones of working in Japan. Senpai = senior. Kohai = junior. In theory, this is a two-way street that has its roots in Confucianism. The elders pass on their knowledge and experience to the younger ones. Seems fair, doesn’t it? Those with more experience and knowledge lead the way for those with less experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that these things are often determined by age and rank – not by ability, intelligence and capability.

Robert Kiyosaki in Tokyo: Day 2 Wealth Master Congress Japan 2017

I put on my comfortable shoes and saddled up for Day 2 of Wealth Master Congress Japan 2017. Fortunately, today was 100 times better than yesterday. The queue in the morning was still an epic and unorganised pain in the neck, but unlike yesterday, the wait was only 20 minutes as opposed to an hour and 20 minutes. I repeat – this event was organised by idiots. I’ve been to a ton of conferences and I’ve never seen anything as terrible as this. The venue may have been the New Otani Hotel at Akasaka-Mitsuke, but I felt like I was at a fish market full of eager customers looking to get the best possible bargain deal. God help us all. 

Robert Kiyosaki in Tokyo: Day 1 Wealth Master Congress Japan 2017

This event was organised by idiots. It all started when I booked the ticket. I had to fill up a form to book the ticket, fill up a form to prove I had paid for the ticket and then send three emails to the event organiser about why I hadn’t received the ticket. FUN ISN’T IT? I would rather teach at kindergarten than deal with Live Create ever again. Despite the fact that there were a whole host of international speakers, information was not available in English. Yipeee! But that wasn’t the main problem…They’re disorganised organisers. Forgive the pun.

Banking in Japan for Foreigners: JP Bank vs Shinsei Bank

Despite incredibly advanced technological advances in robotics, the banking industry in Japan is painfully traditional. Japan is still largely a cash-based society, so be prepared to walk around with a wad of cash to buy things. Paying by credit card is only available at major department stores and at some restaurants. Most people pay their bills with cash at a convenience store or at the post office. If you can’t be bothered with that, direct debit is also available. Now onto the banks…

Space Museum TenQ in Tokyo Dome: indulging my inner geek

I can still remember looking at a picture of the solar system in a children’s encyclopedia and feeling like I somehow knew those great nine wanderers intimately. At the weekly visit to the Hindu Temple, I remember gazing curiously at the personifications of the nev graha – nine planets – as they are they known in Vedic astrology. I often circled around them as though I were a mini-planet earth. To me, the myths and allegories that the planets have inspired over the millennia are as fascinating as the scientific discoveries of the past two centuries. May the night sky never cease to inspire us.