8 of cups: Walking away to find a better day

You wake up one morning and feel like everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve means absolutely nothing. You’ve done what everyone else has expected of you. Your bosses are happy. You’ve made enough money. Hell, even your parents are proud of you. But that sense of fulfilment that you thought would come from it is nowhere to be found. Instead, there’s a voice inside you that whispers, “Life was meant to be more than this.”

No More Paycheck Living: The Fool’s First Tarot Deck (Part 2)

You have forgotten how to just live. You are caught up in the routine of your day to day affairs. You do the same crap day in and day out. You live a world of certainty – not in a world of adventure, wonder and possibility. You need to let go of whatever grandiose cookie cutter plans you have for for the future. While we’re at it, why don’t you relegate the dusty worries of your past to the history books where they belong?