Science and Spirituality: no freakin’ equation can explain fate

Just because you believe in science and practise it doesn’t mean there isn’t a spiritual aspect to life. Knowing how the physical world works doesn’t explain everything. You can experience a life crisis despite doing everything right by the book. There are things that happen that are outside of your control. You can make better sense of life if you think about things beyond just the facts.

The Scientist and the Mystic: two cynics sit down for a tarot reading

“Tarot is not about predicting the future, but more about interpreting life as it now and suggesting future direction. It gave me an insight into what my current life issues are. It shows some of the patterns of behaviour in one’s life and gives a guide as to how to get out of those bad habits. Because of its link to astrology – it is quite scientific-based. But there is still some mysticism to it. Like why do the same cards come out for me over and over again? We’ve done so many readings now that it can’t just be by chance.”

Is Free Speech Really Free?

If you’re an idiot who says what you think and feel – then just think about the potential conflict you can cause. You just come across as intolerant. If other people are observing that – we make judgments about the person who is saying those thoughtless things, too. If you’re thoughtful about what you say – it’s more meaningful and you’re saying things with a purpose instead of just saying what you feel at the time.

Barack Obama: America’s first ‘Third Culture Kid’ President

Obama was evidence that the world was becoming more globalized, or that race was being transcended as a construct. For others, he was evidence that the U.S. presidency had been infiltrated by someone who was an “other.”

What I’ve learned from it is how quickly people want to put each other in easily-categorized boxes. Coming to conclusions is a shorthand that everyone uses, and I think some of the conclusions people jumped to regarding Obama showed how far we still have to go as a nation in terms of accepting interracial relationships and religions other than Christianity.

Who is the fairest/tannest of them all?

Our obsession with white skin comes from how we look at the west. We think they’re superior because they have white skin. But on the other hand people in those countries want a tan. A lot of girls growing up are often told not to play out in the sun because they’ll get darker. You’re restricting your girls from going out and having fun. But this restriction doesn’t apply to boys.