The Red Flags: Dealing with Difficult People

I’ve known a few people like that. People who won’t listen to reason. People who cannot make a decision for the collective benefit of all. They create situations where they win and you lose. There is no point in trying to reason with them. No matter what you say, do or explain – they will simply refuse to listen or understand your point of view. They are right. You are wrong. End of story. 

I am the Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands has been a regular feature in my relationship readings. As a woman, it’s been tempting for my tarot readers to think that it represents the men in my life. After all, the Knight is a man of double fire. It took me years to figure out that the knight was me. The court card’s story inspired me to write my own. 

Mr Ten of Wands: nearly there baby, nearly there

Mr Ten of Wands has come a long long way from where he first started. When he first began, he had only a burning desire. A gift from the element of fire. He knew that there was something he wanted to do. And unlike many others, who are afraid to go after what their heart’s desire, Mr. Wands went forth. He had courage. He had ambition. And above everything, he had a burning desire.