Greetings fellow humans and welcome to My Human Experience.

This is my journey, unfolding in real time through the stories I share. But it’s not just my story. My Human Experience is also a space for you to discover your own. After all, even if we all come from different places and backgrounds, the human experience is a universal one. We all experience the same ups and downs, the same rhythm of life, the same connection to this vast world.

As a child, I was captivated by the stars and by the planets that occupied a space bigger than our own; and yet somehow seemed to watch over us. As I grew older, I discovered the old-world religions. What were their experiences? What was their connection to the world around them?  As a writer, I seek to answer these questions for myself — not only to understand their implications for my own life, but also for the lives of those who cross my path.

The first 22 cards in the tarot deck are referred to as The Fool’s Journey: for they feature the proverbial ‘fool’ growing wiser as he walks down the road of life. In many ways, his journey is no different from yours or mine, because we are all connected to the same eternal cycle.

As I share my stories and travels with you, it is my sincere hope that we’ll discover both the depth and diversity of the human experience; and also the universal threads that tie us all together. That no matter how far apart we may be, no matter how different our cultures, religions and upbringings are, we are all on the same Fool’s Journey. May we grow together as we explore this common ground and find our connection to one another on this endless cycle called life.

Till next time, enjoy your human experience 🙂


Image courtesy of the lovely and talented Fiona J

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  1. I thought I would visit your blog. It sounds very interesting! And wow you are from Singapore, what a very cosmopolitan country to have grown up in and full of diversity!


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