The Coyote Commits

Sometimes, but not always, and most certainly not all the time; we reach a point in our journey where we need a breakthrough. We come to the realisation that we absolutely need to move on from an unfavourable place, person and situation.

And this ‘move’ needs to be a permanent one. From this point on, there is no looking back, no rearview mirror and no nostalgia. It is adios, goodbye and The End.

Within this context, ‘place’ can refer to a career, a job, a relationship, a community or even a location. It is something or someone that once gave you–but unfortunately–it didn’t give you enough to sustain you for the long haul. What it did ‘give’ you, ended up being very detrimental to your long-term growth even though it might have seemed necessary or even nice at the time and in that moment.

We have a multitude of ‘choices’, but in that moment, we see no choice but to leave behind those things that were not working and go forth in search of greener pastures.

It is like Jesus said, Seek and You Shall Find.


If you’ve made a decision–does it mean that you have to commit to it permanently?

It seems almost too much to ask that of someone, especially when it comes to a job, a partner, a home… or pretty much anything. It’s due to that very reason that so many people end up making the wrong commitments.

The worst part of it all is that they don’t realise that they’ve made the wrong commitment and that they’ve stuck to it.

Anyone who thinks that they have to stay committed to the wrong decision is utterly deluded. When you’ve realised that you no longer want to be there anymore, you simply walk away. Plain and simple.


In North American folklore and mythology, the coyote is a trickster figure. It presents itself in a way that fools others. You could even say that the coyote enjoys and even takes pride and pleasure in fooling others.

Whenever we deal with tricksters, we know that things are not as they seem. But, if we were to look a little closer, we would easily realise that we couldn’t ‘see’–as in, perceive–what was presented.

Does the trickster, then, lay within?

Coyote wisdom challenges us to think about those things that we have hidden from others and what others are hiding from us. The coyote, by its very nature, can either represent misfortune or the tides finally and irrevocably turning for the better.

It represents the opportunity to make a commitment for the better… or the worse.

While some Western traditions have portrayed the coyote as an animal that cannot be trusted; does that mean that the coyote is a creature that does not deserve love, respect and attention? I highly doubt so.

The main reason why anyone of us ends up getting ‘tricked’ is because we have erroneously fallen for the first impression or the public image. We have tricked ourselves into believing something that we desperately wanted to believe in at the time.

Whenever coyote wisdom appears, it usually indicates that someone is hiding the truth from you. Things are just not as they appear or as they seem. It may well be that someone who you are dependent on is leading you on.

Why did this person do that, you might ask…

A coyote represents an individual that is crafty and clever. They know how to make the most of the situation. They enjoy playing tricks on people.

My advise to you is simple: don’t fall for it.


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