In The Beginning

A solution is the opposite of a problem. Our problems always unequivocally reveal the solution in the form of our deepest desires. When our desires are revealed to us in this manner, we begin to seek and thus even find the solution.

As our consciousness expands, we awaken our creative power.

When we possess within us unresolved conflicts, we are unable to get in touch with our truest and deepest desires. Whenever we feel limited, we need to embrace the desire that is within that sense of limitation.

Our problem is, in essence, allowing us to reveal the deepest desire within us that is longing to manifest.

This is what allows us to move away from our problem into a state where we are seeking a much-needed solution. We can then begin the process of manifesting that desire.

Will it come true the first time we try? It most probably will not. We will have to try a few times and sometimes even very many times till that desire manifests.

It is the beginning.


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