Vishnu and Lakshmi | The Myth of Dhanalakshmi

The Goddess Lakshmi has eight forms through which she bestows her abundant blessings upon her devotees. Dhanalakshmi is one of her eight manifestations.

In this form, the Goddess is a symbol of prosperity and abundance that comes with unlimited potential. She is the Goddess who eradicates poverty by guiding us on the path to generating the income that will fulfil our desires for our own well-being.

It is said that Dhanalakshmi favours those who work hard. It is those who work hard in this world that are aided by the Goddess to fulfil their role as spiritual beings who are having a temporary material experience.

The Goddess is the repository of Wealth in the universe. She is said to come to the aid of those who are experiencing financial obstacles for reasons other than sufficient effort and hard work.

For those who are facing oppressive forces beyond their control, the Goddess Dhanalakshmi showers them with wealth and guides them on the path towards financial freedom.


Dhana means wealth in the form of money, gold, land and buildings; as well as other equivalent instruments. By praying sincerely to the Goddess, we can conquer the forces that are obstructing us from fulfilling our financial destiny so that the wealth that we need supports us on our soul mission. Part of that journey is conquering and understanding our emotions to realise that an abundance of wealth is our birthright.

Through that process, we realise that we are capable of creating a financial future for ourselves and our loved ones.

This requires us to have within us the inner strength, willpower, conviction, determination and perseverance we need to reach our goals. We begin to understand the talents we have been blessed with and we find the courage to use them to pursue our highest aspirations.

What are your highest aspirations? Is it to create a more just and equitable society where persecution is not tolerated? Or is to sit idle and live off privilege that one has not equitably earned?

The Myth

There is a story that goes that once Lakshmi and her consort and spouse Vishnu had an argument about money. It is not uncommon, is it–for couples to argue about money? Due to this argument, Lakshmi left her husband in his heavenly abode and went to live on earth as a human and a mortal.

Vishnu found this state of affairs unbearable. He simply could not live without Lakshmi. He followed her to earth and he became a poor man who lived in the forest. When he finally reunited with Lakshmi, Vishnu could not marry her as he did not have the funds or a means of livelihood with which to marry his beloved wife.

He was forced to take a loan from Kubera, the God of Wealth. Kubera, as a creditor, said that Vishnu could not leave earth without repaying his debt. Vishnu had no choice but to remain on earth till his debt was fully repaid. As the years passed, Vishnu was still unable to repay the loan.

It was, then, that Vishnu finally realised the importance of money and wealth.

Lakshmi then blessed Vishnu with money to repay his loan. From that moment on, Vishnu became indebted to her instead.

Those who seek financial freedom–especially if they have faced obstacles that are not due to their own idleness–are never disappointed by Lakshmi. It is said that she will go through any lengths to help those who seek her help.


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