The Faith of the Entrepreneur

To start a business is not the same as choosing to work in one. Faith–not facts–is what catapults us on the path. We have faith that through starting a business the future will be better. We know when we start out that the odds are stacked against us. Only a small percentage of businesses will succeed. As any good accountant will tell you–it is a numbers game–and we, as business owners, are obligated to create a profit.

The world of business is built on ups and downs and hinges upon the highs and the lows. What remains vital in a world of constant change is that we hold onto our values and principles at all times and in all circumstances. It is not unheard of for businesses to only be profitable–or unprofitable–for a certain period of time before the wheel of fortune turns once more.

The technological force of automation and the impact that it has over the labour market cannot be overstated. Many traditional jobs die out or–at the very best–fade away slowly. Digitalisation woes and wonders are not unique to our generation. Prior generations did usher in the Industrial Revolution and they, too, experienced profound and long-lasting changes.

Will these losses lead to new areas of productivity? For some, it may. For others, it may not. All governments of humane societies should seek to make a provision for those who get left with the short end of the stick due to technological changes.

Much of our consumerist culture is characterised by overconsumption that is backed by an advertising and product placement culture that insists upon selling us products that we do not need or that are not necessarily good for us. These end up as short-term thrills that have a long-term impact, especially when debt is involved.

We are all born to fulfil our own individual destiny. And for most of us–work is now a significant portion of that destiny. A person who knows that a part of their identity hinges upon their work will connect to both the world that surrounds them and the society which they are a part of. This, in turn, enables him or her to create a life of work that is meaningful–as opposed to meaningless or against one’s personal values and ethics.

And it all begins with faith.


One thought on “The Faith of the Entrepreneur

  1. The faith of an entrepreneur must be based on the conviction that creating solutions to societal problems is a profitable venture that has a collective social gain. Without faith based on conviction it is nearly impossible to call on wisdom when the mountain of challenges are standing before the entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur knows how to stir up their gift and share it with the world for profit.

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