A World of Dreams

My dream is to…

You can finish the sentence on your own.

But what is the true dream?

There are jobs and industries that exist today that did not exist a decade ago. Our dreams are always changing because the world is always changing.

Our fortunes are always changing because the world is always changing.

This is the reality for anyone who is alive.

We change jobs, our partners, our homes, our cities… The list goes on.

In an ever-changing world, where do our dreams come from? From where does this ‘idea’ enter our head that ‘this’ is our dream and ‘this’ is who we were meant to be?

The whole thing isn’t a lie. I’m not going to tell you that. But the truth is, that for a dream to come to life, many elements must align and come together.

All dreams are mind-stuff that we long to actualise, see and live out in the real world. How many of these dreams will actually come true? Some will and some won’t. That is the nature of reality.

It is best that some of our dreams remain just that. Dreams. There is a reason why certain dreams are not meant to come true.

Then, there are other dreams. Dreams that are buried deep deep within. When we meditate, we begin to see their humble whispers and see them peak from beneath the shadows.

Perhaps it is important to understand the dream that the universe has for you. It is only then that life will begin to feel like a living dream.

It is to dream while being fully awake.

It is to be alive.

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