The Business of ‘Alternative’ Healers

The use of crystals to either adorn or to heal is an age-old and time-tested practise. It dates back at least 6,000 years to the time of the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The Ancient Egyptians–who emerged after the Mesopotamians–also adorned themselves and even their coffins with a wide assortment of stones. One of their favourites was lapis lazuli.

The early discovery of these stones led them to be used for cosmetic, religious and medicinal purposes. This in turn catapulted forward the trade of these precious gems and stones. Thousands of years later, crystal healing is considered an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease.

The growing interest towards ‘alternative’ and ‘ancient’ therapies has its roots in the growing distrust towards professional medical doctors. Skepticism remains regarding its use to treat; but skepticism also remains regarding what is now conventional Western medicine.

In addition to stones, folk remedies–many of which have been dismissed as quackery–also continue to persist. When it comes to our woes and worries, many of us do first trod down the conventional path.

When we cannot find the answer or the cure, that is when we turn to these ‘alternatives’. From the tonic recipe that has been passed down generation after generation, to the simple herbal remedy that cured a very old issue; what we are seeking, ultimately, is the cure.

We don’t care if the research backs it up or if it makes sense to those for whom it makes sense. What we are seeking is a solution. We don’t want to suffer anymore. Whether it is a physical problem or a psychological one, we want the pain to stop.

From Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine–we have treasure troves of ancestral knowledge that we can tap into to stop our suffering. Regardless of the method we use, what we want is the result. We may disagree with the method and claim that it doesn’t ‘make sense’, but in seeking an explanation, we sometimes miss the miracle that has transpired.

If it heals and makes whole again, then that’s all that matters.


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