The Rocky Foundation of a Business | A Startup Story

A rock is a symbol for a foundation. What is the rock your business stands upon? A rock is durable and unwavering. It has already been moulded and crafted. It is this foundation that all leaders remind us of–especially during periods of crisis, change and transformation.

What happens, then, when two rocks come together? Sparks fly. Our foundation changes or is consolidated by adding another layer to our foundation stone. It represents a new centre. It shows that we are shifting, changing and choosing to embark on a new trajectory.

Everything that comes later either builds itself around the foundation stone or above it. If we wish up build upwards, we need to stack these rocks–one after another. If we wish to build outwards, we expand widthwise.

Where is the physical location of this rock? And by this, I refer to the earthbound location where it was first erected. When we physically root ourselves in a location of power, we can draw upon the energies that are resident in the land.

What happens when this rock is moved and when it relocates itself to a different land, to a different foundation? Will this rock ‘remain the same’? I highly doubt it. It will retain elements of its origins, but it will be moulded yet again. It will be the same rock, but on its face there would be a different carving.

The founding story is the foundation of every business. It usually begins with a rocky start. It is never as clear or clean cut as people make it out to be. It is rife with uncertainty, full of small and big failures, as well as plans that didn’t work out.

But every time we feel lost in the dark, all we need to do is call upon this founding story and we will find our way back home.


2 thoughts on “The Rocky Foundation of a Business | A Startup Story

  1. The cultures that we build on day one will last in a company for years. It takes alot of effort, time and resources to change a culture that has rooted in the comapny. The habits you brew on day one of company formation are super important.


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