The Financial Obstruction | Breaking Free from the Chain

If at first you fail, try again. Keep trying till you reach your target–is that the definition of failure vs success? I’m not sure that it is. Why has failure occurred in the first place? Is it due to a lack of trying? It might be. But it may also not be.

What promises have been made? Have they been fulfilled? What did you think was going to happen when you embarked upon a particular path? Is that what actually happened or did something else happen? Who put that idea in your head in the first place?

When we are seeking to discover our calling, especially as it pertains to business–where do we go seeking answers? Perhaps you read the stories of the famous entrepreneurs who have made lots and lots of money. You quickly realise that when you apply their teachings to your circumstances, it doesn’t work.

The pursuit of business is like any other pursuit. First, we need clarity. Will our business idea work? Will it allow us to create financial abundance and satisfaction? Once again, I ask–who put this idea in your head in the first place?

There is so much literature out there regarding how to create and run a great business. The ideas all contradict one another. How do we create unity in the face of such opposition and contradiction? Whose voice was guiding your path? Who came to help? Did they help or did it hinder your path to financial success?

Not too long ago, my colleague wrote a post on the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra. If something is blocking, obstructing or hindering your financial abundance–it is important to firstly gain clarity on what that something is. After that, we can work through the obstruction and obstacle that we are dealing with.

There is, in all honesty, only one obstruction that you are facing. Once you identify what that is, everything else will fall into place very quickly.


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