Carry Me Away | The Boring Business Scene

Each country, city, family and community has its very own business scene. What do I mean by business scene? It’s kind of like an ice cream flavour. Some flavours you like, others you don’t care much for, and some that you just find revolting.

Similarly–each country, city, family and community–has a certain flavour to its business scene.

And where I’m currently at–not going to name names–is just plain old vanilla. And we all know there’s nothing wrong with vanilla. It is a safe option. Most people like it. You can’t really go wrong with vanilla. But it is vanilla.

As an entrepreneur, though… Vanilla is… well, vanilla. Vanilla is nothing special, nothing new and nothing to get excited about.

Imagine going to a town where you haven’t been to in a while and realising that long gone are the days of the adventure-seekers and fortune-seekers. All that you have left in its place are people who are so boring and so dull that you want nothing more than to get a regular day job. Yea–it’s so boring out here that you’d even contemplate the idea of getting a regular day job.

Why bother undertaking the risks to venture forth when even the businesses here are boring?

There is no drive, no zest, no toppings, no bloody anything! You hear the same lousy business idea over and over–and it’s always something that’s been done and that’s already succeeded with flying colours. Yawn… Zzz… Snooze…

Where’s the adventure, man?

It doesn’t really sound like a place any entrepreneur would want to be now, is it?

Again, I’m not going to name any names.

This city, this country, this family and this community… it is boring. Maybe the folks here like vanilla, but I’m more of a chocolate peppermint kind of guy.

Yea, running a startup is risky and stressful. If you make it all cushy and comfortable for the folks, then all you get are the comfort-seekers–and not the fortune-seekers. And then you wonder why your entrepreneurship scene is dead on arrival. Stop inviting the idiots who are dead on arrival. Stop funding their lousy and boring businesses.

And for God’s sake, begin rewarding courage, bravery and resilience.

Hey Vanilla Ice Cream–thanks, but no thanks. Bring on the chocolate peppermint.

I am out of this town.


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